Kendal Comedy Festival Workshop


Friday 18th - Sunday 20th May
The Brewery Arts Centre
122a Highgate

Homework For First Session

Thank you List

Write a thankyou list.

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank..."

Thank anyone who has ever influenced you in any way and give the briefest of explanations why or none at all, (you can witter on forever but that's another plot). Thank them with love, thank them with irony, thank them with humour, bewilderment, disdain, hero-worship, anger or best wishes. Spit out their names, drool at the very thought of them, salute them, shout at them one last time, delight at their memory, Corpse at the very thought of them. Family, friends, lovers, comrades, politicians and celebs, obscure people known only to you - neighbours from hell, neighbours from heaven, bass guitarists of forgotten punk bands, kids you went to school with and who disgraced or excelled themselves, teachers who helped, hindered or humiliated you, priests, publicans, probation officers, shop keepers, show offs and shit-stirrers, and all those people that must exist because somebody must to have written that ad or road safety jingle that drove you insane or designed that tower that blocks your view of the setting sun.

Mention at least one unfortunate, who there but for the grace etc and at least one talentless chancer who represents everything that is right or wrong or whatever about the appalling and or wonderful society in which you live or scrabble about on the fringes of. Get surreal with it, silly with it, serious, seditious and scatological with it. Regress, pontificate, condemn, celebrate, but keep it personal, make it all about you and your loves, hates, likes, dislikes, fantasies and predilections. Enjoy yourself with it.

Include yourself in relation to each of them. Use the excuse of distance of time to diss yourself and your bad behaviour and thank those who must have overlooked it, forgave you and loved you despite it.

Read it out loud to yourself, improvising any thoughts along the way. Express your feelings towards some them with emotional emphasis as you speak their name, adding the secondary stuff and extras as you would asides or throwaway background information..

Tick anything that tickles you.

Cut out the stuff that just helped the process.

Don't analyse it too much but put it in some sort of order.

Repeat it again and enjoy it - remind yourself that it works.

You can perform it at the workshop and refer to your notes

About The Workshop

ATTITUDE: Wanna Make Something Of it? The Secret of Stand-up Comedy by Tony Allen is 4 x 2 hour sessions over Friday and Saturday, plus a showcase gig on Sunday.

The workshop is a crash course for would-be Stand-Up comedians and aims to equip participants with enough technique, understanding and self-confidence to devise and perform an original 3-5 minute act to a live audience.

It is also appropriate for those working in other performance disciplines wishing to re-think their on-stage persona and presentational skills. As a consequence the guest tutors reflect this diversity and regularly include singer-songwriters, performance poets as well as stand-ups and MC.

The workshop includes a variety of methods from improvised ranting to creative writing. Much of it involves identifying, honing and heightening versions of everyday speech and behaviour. It will not all apply and does not have to be learned and should be approached as if trying on every garment and accessory in the shop. Participants are encouraged to use the opportunity to make mistakes. There will be notes available on the essentials.

The central theme of the workshop is ATTITUDE. Participants are given continual feedback encouraging them to recognise and explore idiosyncratic quirks of their own personality, as well as playing to their more obvious strengths which will direct them towards developing a unique ATTITUDE that is essentially of themselves.

The workshop content is structured to cater for the needs of a wide ability range and participants invariably include professional performers working alongside absolute beginners and the inevitable thrill seekers.

Participants are encouraged to arrive half an hour early and use the time to socialise and warm up. They should have a small notebook and pen and be dressed to mess about.

See for booking details.