Attitude Workshop

Attitude – Wanna make something of it? The Secret of Stand-up Comedy by Tony Allen - The Workshop of the book.

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Attitude - The Workshop

The workshop is a crash course in stand up comedy and aims to equip participants with enough technique, know-how and self-confidence to devise and perform an original 5 minute act to a live audience. It is also appropriate for artists working in other performance disciplines wishing to re-think their on-stage persona and presentational skills. Much of the workshop involves identifying, honing and heightening versions of everyday speech and behaviour and includes a variety of exercises ranging from improvised ranting to creative writing. It will not all apply and does not have to be learned and should be approached as if trying on every garment and accessory in the shop. Participants are encouraged to use the opportunity to make mistakes. There will be notes available on the essentials.

The central theme of the workshop is ATTITUDE. Participants are given continual feedback encouraging them to recognise and explore idiosyncratic quirks of their own personality as well as playing to their more obvious strengths; the intention being to develop a unique ATTITUDE that is essentially of themselves.

The workshop content is structured to cater for the needs of a wide ability range and participants invariably include professional performers, working alongside absolute beginners and the inevitable thrill seekers.

The workshop comprises six sessions of at least two hours, based on simple homework exercises with feedback, culminating in a showcase gig with each participant performing a five-minute set in front of a live audience.

Participants are encouraged to arrive half an hour early and use the time to socialise and warm up. They should have a small notebook and pen and be dressed to mess about.

Workshop Content

1. Teach-in
2. Thankyou list
3. Inner nerd
4. Never Seen That
5. Make 'em laugh
6. Embarrassing
7. Hot seat
8. Just me then
9. Quiz show
10. Get your act together