Speakers' Corner Bulletin 05 - 15th July 2014

1. Pop Music Concert
2. Palestinian Bikers
3. Duke of Wellington’s mounting block

This Sunday (July13th) I arrived at the Park early and left before the adjacent pop concert was a disruptive issue. It was reported that their stage and PA system were directed away from Speakers’ Corner, if so, did it make any difference? Please let me know. If the sound check of the Bootleg Beatles was any indication, I was well off out of it.

The 200 or so bikers revving their machines outside the Park in the mid afternoon were prevented from entering Speakers’ Corner by a concert-related police cordon across the perimeter road. They were not Hell’s Angels, as first thought, but a pro-Palestinian biker’s group who eventually made their protest by noisily riding up and down Park Lane for half an hour.

Bob Doom, back from his travels, has pointed out yet another example of how out of touch the park authorities have been with their ‘Speakers’ Corner renovations”. The Duke of Wellington’s mounting block, situated on the perimeter horse riding path near Cumberland Gate and still in use by elderly and child riders has been separated from its users by the now familiar ‘megaphone’ fence; Doh!


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