Speakers' Corner Bulletin 08 - 2nd August 2014

Friends, I have just added a few names from the now defunct Sounds From The Park steering committee to the recipients of these bulletins. Please let me know if you wish to have your name removed and it will be done.

A formal reply from Mr Clarke to my/our concerns is not expected until he returns from his holiday in a couple of weeks time. Meanwhile, among other things, we could discuss putting together a press release; we could decide how we felt about removing all or part of the fence on the south side of the tarmac and extending the speaking area onto the grass beyond. And now that the underground car park have found a way of keeping us permanently out of their toilets, we could lobby Westminster Council about replacing the toilets they closed on the traffic island. And of course, we could reconvene the steering committee and attempt to put some democracy into the proceedings. I hope to see you later today at the park.



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