Speakers’ Corner Bulletin No 15 - 6th Mar 2015

In the last Bulletin 4 months ago, I reported on the follow up correspondence myself and Bob Rogers had made with various organisations concerned with access to toilets in public space. Bob, despite his Speakers’ Corner message of pending doom, is quietly optimistic that the British Toilets Association - www.britloos.co.uk will be back in touch soon.


Bob also pointed out something else I’d like to share. You may recall in Bulletin 7, I documented my meeting with Mr Denis Clarke of the Royal Parks

At one point, I led him down the perimeter horse-riding track and explained about the Duke of Wellington’s mounting block, and how, up until recently, it was still used by contemporary horse riders. Then I showed it to him, located on the other side of his newly erected fence. He immediately made a note of it. I told him that if this was the only thing he was seen to fix, then he would be seen to be responding pronto to the rich horse-riding lobby while ignoring everyone else’s complaints. He smiled knowingly. I asked him how long he’d worked for the Royal Parks. “20 years” he said. I smiled knowingly too.

Summer 2014

Well, surprise surprise, despite none of our other concerns being addressed, one thing has been done…

Spring 2015


Best TonyA

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