Attitude - Wanna make something of it?

attitude"plenty of advice, insight and analysis" - Chortle

"vital, challenging, passionate and painfully funny... a glorious shambles" - Ivor Dembina

"a torrent of profundity and controlled mania" - Timeout

"clever, idiosyncratic, opinionated and provocative" - Laughing Horse

"the original Global Village Idiot is back on top form." - Jim Carey Red Pepper

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Timeout - Malcolm Hay

The Guardian Guide - William Cook

The Stage - Peter Hepple - 2 reviews by Steve Bennett and Ivor Dembina

Laughing - Kevin McCarron

Freedom (anarchist fortnightly) - Matt Harvey

Connections magazine - Oliver Double

Fiesta adult magazine

Red Pepper magazine - Jim Carey

The History of Alternative Comedy - the exerpt that Red Pepper messed with