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Performance Club - Barshak, Comedy Terrorist

Comedy terrorist victim of extrordinary rendition

Aaron Barshak self-proclaimed ‘Comedy Terrorist’ was the subject of a piece of Extraordinary Comedy Rendition last Thursday 5 th April at a cabaret club in West London. Barshak, a one-time uninvited royal guest at Windsor Castle had the tables turned on him 10mins into his act. Four fellow comedians dressed as comedy CIA in dark suits and shades mounted the stage of Ladbroke Grove’s Performance Club and briskly threw a pillow case over his head and whisked him out of the building, leaving MC Tony Allen to explain to the bemused audience. 10 minutes later Allen was three streets away explaining the second half of the plot to another audience. The buoyant crowd at the Pelican pub’s open spot variety night knew nothing about their surprise guest although the manager was in on the joke. “It was perfect timing” said Allen “I walked in and the stage manager said ‘when d’you want to do it’ and I said ‘Now’ and he passed me the mic. Just then the comedy CIA arrived behind me with Barshak and I introduced him as they dumped him on the stage and removed the pillowcase. I gave him the mic and he went straight into his stuff about the Iranian hostages – What a trooper.

Comedy Rendition – April Fool