Grimaldi's London

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Joseph Grimaldi regularly ran between gigs - from Sadler's Wells Theatre to venues in London's West End. It took him 11 minutes. Tony Allen's London walk on the subject (staying mostly to an early 19th century route) takes approximately 2 hours.

29th Dec1806 One of the most important dates in the history of comedy - Joseph Grimaldi plays Joey the Clown in the pantomime Mother Goose at Covent Garden Theatre.

Grimaldi’s performance was said to be ‘nothing less than magnificent’. I will suggest today that Grimaldi was an artist successfully expressing the spirit of their time - in a phrase he Decoded the Zeitgeist.

Tony Allen invites friends and interested parties to join him in a mostly one-sided discussion by way of evolving a Joseph Grimaldi London Stroll. Meet: 2pm Sunday 20th August outside the now defunct Bow Street magistrates Court opposite Covent Garden Opera house. Watch this space for future dates.

Further Joseph Grimaldi Information - 5 x 15 minute 2009 Radio 4 readings by Ken Cranham on Andrew McConnnel Stott's website and based on his fine book The Pantomime Life of Joseph Grimaldi. (at the bottom of the page.)