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Performance Club Clown Troupe in the City photos


ATTITUDE -Wanna make something of it?
- Buy online from Amazon

A Summer In The Park
- Buy online from Amazon

Gothic Image
Publishers of Tony Allen's book ATTITUDE - Wanna make something of it?

Comedy Sites
Site dedicated to researching the history of Alternative Cabaret and Alternative Comedy 1978-81

Good site if you want info on the current British comedy scene.
Two ATTITUDE reviews by Steve Bennett and Ivor Dembina

Friends of New Agenda
Tony Allen's new website with Pat Welsh of Bath Spa University

Lofty Tone's comedy comment
Tony's Blog
Rough Theatre (1974-1978)

Speakers' Corner
Official Speakers' Corner website. Audio archives, photo gallery, history and more.
Jonny FluffyPunk's website

Ronnie Rigsby at the Amused Moose.
Ronnie Rigsby will be performing at the Performance Club 6th June 2012

Bob Boyton
- Blog

Bomber Jackson Does Some
by Bob Boyton - amazon page

Brexit Boris
video and photos of the launch of Heathcote Williams' book on 15th September 2016.

Royal Babylon
- An investigative poem
by Heathcote Williams

Royal Babylon
Alan Cox's multimedia version of Heathcote Williams' investigative poem.
Site of Ivor Dembina - the funniest resident Jewish MC at the Red Rose Club.

Sameena Zehra
Stand-up comedian and storyteller.
Performance Club Singalonga comedian Den Levett's website, new songs and old favourites.

Performance Examples

Sheldon does Stand-up
Clip from The Big Bang Theory


Charities Aid Foundation
How to give money to charity. Especially New Agenda.