October 2016 Credit Union Street Theatre Gets A Reboot (by Jonny Fluffypunk)
May 2014 Man Up Jonny Fluffypunk (Brighton Fringe Review)
June 2014 Der Spiegel - Speakers' Corner Review

Reviews by Tony Allen

March 2019 Wobbie Wobbit at The King and Queen, Fitzrovia
Oct 2016 Bouffon In Belfast
Oct 2013 Alexei Sayle at Brighton Corn Exchange
Oct 2011 Checking The Alternative
June 2011 Speaker Cornered
March 2011 No Nukes is Good Nukes
Feb 2011 The Regional Slur
Jan 2011 Snooker's Loose Cannons
Nov 2009 Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle
Dec 2008 Neil Hamburger at the Soho Theatre
May 2008 King Gong at the Comedy Store
July 2007 Cambridge Footlights at the Canal Cafe
Aug 2007 Jinx Lennon and Paula Flynn at the Flat Lake Fest
Aug 2007 Ted Chippington at the Inn On The Green
Aug 2006 Bob Flag at the Lincoln Lounge Kings Cross
Dec 2004 Park Life - Article for The Guardian
Jan 2002 The History of the Comedy Store - Book by William Cook

Attitude Book Reviews

Timeout - Malcolm Hay
The Guardian Guide - William Cook
The Stage - Peter Hepple - 2 reviews by Steve Bennett and Ivor Dembina
Laughing - Kevin McCarron
Freedom (anarchist fortnightly) - Matt Harvey
Connections magazine - Oliver Double
Fiesta adult magazine
Red Pepper magazine - Jim Carey
The History of Alternative Comedy - the exerpt that Red Pepper messed with

Summer In The Park Reviews

John Phillips
Guardian - William Cook
New Statesman - Mark Thomas
Freedom - William Briggs
Ready Steady Book - Stuart Watkins
Dan Cull
KSL - Kate Sharpley
Will Hatchett
Oliver Double
The Times Literary Supplement - Mark Garnet
Kevin McCarron
Colonel Spiggott
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