Attitude Workshop

Attitude – Wanna make something of it?

The Secret of Stand-up Comedy by Tony Allen - The Workshop of the book.

Tony Allen is a veteran stand-up comedian and seminal figure in the history of alternative comedy. Attitude - the book articulates his unique perspective on the secret of stand up comedy.

Attitude - The workshop is a crash course in stand up comedy and will equip participants with enough technique, know-how and self-confidence to devise and perform an original 5 minute act to a live audience.

Workshop participants are given continual feedback encouraging them to recognise and explore idiosyncratic quirks of their own personality. as well as playing to their more obvious strengths; leading to the discovery of a unique attitude that is essentially of themselves.

The workshop comprises five two hour sessions followed by a showcase gig with each participant performing a five-minute set in front of a live audience. The workshop content is applicable to both experienced performers and absolute beginners.

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